Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LDS Scripture Reading Plan

"Failing to plan is planning to fail” ― Alan Lakein

Do you have a plan to read your scriptures?

LDS Scripture Reading Plan allows you to track and organize scripture reading by customizing plans for the Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine & Covenants. Offers flexibility to create and edit your plans. Add extra motivation to accomplish your goals by posting your progress on Game Center! 
Books included
• Book of Mormon
• Bible
• Doctrine & Covenants
• Pearl of Great Price

Flexibly create plans
• Any book start or end location
• Any start or end date
• By date, days, or chapters

Instantly check reading progress

Game Center enabled
• Leaderboard
• Achievements

Editable Scripture Reminder

Please leave a question or a comment! :) I will try and respond promptly.


  1. I have been using this app for a while now and really enjoyed it. However, I went to it this morning and it was empty. All of my past and current goals are missing, even the total chapters read is at 0. Is this an issue with my ipad or the app?

  2. I just installed this on my IPhone and IPad, and the two are not syncing. Game Center pops up each time I open the app in either my iPad or IPhone, but the reading plans don't sync between the two. Any suggestions?

  3. This morning I opened the app and it was it was empty again. This is the FOURTH time that I will have to recreate the reading charts, second time this in as many weeks. I am very upset.

  4. Just a question: can I start a custom schedule at any specific VERSE in the BOM, or does it (like other apps I have seen) only go to chapter beginnings. My young kids are learning to read, and a whole chapter overwhelms them, so smaller chunks are less daunting, even though we are still trying to get through the book in 1 year. Thanks