Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bible Reading Plan

"Failing to plan is planning to fail” ― Alan Lakein

Do you have a plan to read your scriptures? 

Bible Reading Plan allows you to track and organize scripture reading by customizing plans for the Old and New Testament. Offers flexibility to create and edit your plans. Add extra motivation to accomplish your goals by posting your progress on Game Center! 

Books included

• Old Testament
• New Testament

Default Reading Plans

• Five Books of Moses
• Isaiah
• Psalms
• Proverbs
• Gospels
• Epistles of Paul
• Revelation

Flexibly create plans

• Any book start or end location
• Any start or end date
• By date, days, or chapters

Instantly check reading progress

Game Center enabled

• Leaderboard
• Achievements

+ More improvements on the way!

Please leave a question or a comment! :) I will try and respond promptly.


  1. App not working. Cannot create custom plan..won't save edited fields. Suggestions?

  2. Does this app also include a Bible? If so, what version(s)?

  3. Não entendi o funcionamento. Já vi outros planos de leitura que enviavam ou exibiam os trechos da Bíblia conforme o período e os livros escolhidos. Gostaria até de ser reembolsado se possível.